Transliter 3.0
This tool converts the Latin alphabet to the Cyrillic alphabet and vice versa.

Register 1.0
With the help of this tool you can change the case of the text.

Calendar generator 1.0
The tool that generates the calendar for any year chosen by the user.

Day of the week calculator 1.0
The tool that determines the day of the week corresponding to the chosen date.

Period meter 1.0
The tool that calculates the amount of years, months and days elapsed between the two chosen dates.

Calculator 1.0
This is a vary simple calculator: it makes four arithmetic operations.

Calendar 2.0
It shows the current month.

Singerus 1.0
It is a tool that allows you to determine the year and place of production of an antique Singer sewing machine.

Museum pieces:

Transliter 1.0
The first version of the transliter was written entirely in JavaScript in 2001 and was able to translate only the Latin alphabet into Cyrillic.

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