The author’s salary

Dear readers!
You probably want to know why I decided to raise money to develop and maintain my own website. I will explain. I made this decision because the development of the website constantly requires the expenditure of certain resources, for example:
— money to pay for hosting;
— money to buy and update a computer, scanner, camera and other electronic devices that are used to create website content;
— money to pay for the software (programmes) with the help of which the website content is created;
— time for search and processing of materials published on the site.
All these resources could be directed (of course, with some luck) to some more profitable business.
And about possible, but often only theoretical, revenues from the site. Usually sites achieve a payback or even earn money in the following ways:
— on advertising banners;
— on paid access to content;
— on visitors’ donations.
I don’t really like paid subscriptions and I don’t like websites that are heavily advertised at all. In addition, the traffic on my website is still quite low (although there is a slow growth). Therefore, in order to achieve a return on investment, I had to combine advertising with donations.
We will consider donations as part of my salary. The part that visitors to my website pay me. It will come back as content to those who have found something interesting on the website.
Thank you!

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