What I hid from you:

The site museum

I have collected on this page, especially for those who don’t want to scroll through the archive.org history, all the design versions of my site. However, I feel the need to start with a small premise: my personal website was launched in 1999 with the only initial aim of better understanding how the internet works. Until 2012 the site looked particularly pitiful. In 2012, being since that time a small web expert, the undersigned decided to modernize the site both from a technical and content point of view.
Now we can see the «collection» of my museum.
1. In November 1999 (I don’t remember the exact date anymore) I registered my account on Narod.ru, a very popular russian free hosting in those years. During the first months the site had the address brianmay.narod.ru, then it was changed to supremo.narod.ru. The design (different for each page) was created with the free templates provided by the hosting.

2. In April 2002 I joined the team of xbase.ru — a Russian guestbook provider — and started to study HTML, CSS and JavaScript seriously. My website turned into a training camp.

3. Autumn 2003:

4. Spring 2004:

5. Then, for a few years I completely abandoned any work on my own site, limiting myself, in the summer of 2009, to unifying the design of the most visited pages.

6. The spring of 2010, of course, was particularly heavy for my brain… But at least I cleaned up a bit…

7. In the autumn of 2011 I started the total renovation of my site, but I abandoned it almost immediately.

8. At some point I decided to register my own domain just to make something serious. Consequently, on 8 January 2012 I registered the eugigufo.net domain, uploaded one of the old temporary versions of the site and started to design a completely new site.

9. In the end, the temporary version mentioned above remained public for over five and a half years, causing me quite a few problems at work due to its marked obsolescence. It was only on 19 August 2017 that I finally published something more modern. It was the version № 9 of my website, you are seeing it right now.

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