My contacts

If you are looking for a way to get in touch with me, just write me an email: it will be a guarantee that I will read your message during the day (two days in very rare cases).
And especially for those interested, I have collected links to all my scattered accounts on one page.
— Facebook — I usually add only people I know from the real world. In any case, when adding me as a friend, don’t forget to introduce yourself: your name and/or your photo are not always enough to identify you. People with whom we do not know each other personally can click on the «Follow» button without any problems.
— Twitter — I broadcast there my Russian blog from the website. I just tweet twice a year on average.
— LJ blog (in Russian) — until September 1, 2014, I wrote more or less regularly on various topics. Now I just broadcast my blog living on this site. I also have a burn in Italian that has experienced the same change in status, but it is unlikely to be of interest to most visitors to this site.
— vkontakte (VK) — I signed up out of «scientific» interest to compare it to Facebook, which has almost none of my Russian friends. Yes, because they say that «VK» is a clone. So I am trying to find out why we have a clone that prefers the original. If someone already knows, write here.
— instagram — I created an account, but I don’t know exactly why yet.
— yandex.fotki — I publish something from time to time. Out of interest, you can also look at it.
— flicker — I don’t use it much, I only upload pictures with the claim to art. Follow me, who is interested.
— YouTube — I don’t use it much, I upload there random videos. Nothing interesting…
— Google+ — I signed up for Google Plus (at that point by invitation!) a few weeks after it appeared on the web. Why? I still have not thought of it.
— guestbook (in Russian) — I opened it in 2002, I keep it open because of my activities at I reply to messages promptly.
— eugi.gufo — my Skype account.
— icq 372402336 — very rare, less and less frequent, but I use it.
Especially for doubters, I specify: only the accounts listed above are really my accounts. Beware of fakes!

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